A love of great coffee is how owners, Jorge and Rick, first came together in the Monmouth Coffee shop in Covent Garden in 2006. The single-origin beans for all our espresso-based coffees are supplied and roasted by Has Bean Coffee in Stafford. The blend is selected by us and changes seasonally.

One curiosity of the F&W coffee range is the Stumpy. The Stumpy was born in the café at Beak Street, not long after it opened in 2007. A penchant for drinking coffee in small glasses by JF and Jack Coleman (now of Coleman Coffee Roasters), to make a kind of mini-flat white, led to the term ‘stumpy’ being adopted. The glass is a Duralex Gigogne 5.5oz and the name Stumpy, where related to coffee, is trademarked by F&W.

F&W espresso blend beans are available to buy in all the shops and can be ground to order. We also have filter coffee, made from the same high quality single-origin beans, that change on a regular basis.


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