The cured meat

An essential part of the shepherd’s knapsack, cured meats have been a big part of the F&W offer, ever since the first legs of jamon were hung in the window of 43 Lexington Street. We are lucky to have access to an impeccable range of Italian meats from the Ham & Cheese Co. in Bermondsey, some Spanish classics from our friends at Brindisa and of course the Jamon itself, imported directly from Juan Pedro Domeq in Spain.


Jamón Ibérico de Bellota. 100 percent pure Ibérico from family firm Juan Pedro Domecq in Huelva, south west Spain, this is simply top notch jamón. The founder, Juan Pedro Domecq Solís, insisted on selecting only the best pigs from within the Ibérico family, the so-called Lampiño breed. Small, hairless and fine-limbed, these pigs are allowed to roam free, in fields and acorn woods in Jabugo throughout their lives, before slaughter at the age of nearly two. The drying and curing of the legs takes a minimum of 3 years, with the ideal maturity being reached after 42 months.

Parma Ham


The finest sweet, tender ‘riserva’ ham from Piero Montali and sons in Emilia. This ‘Prosciutto di Parma’ is aged for 28-32 months and tastes like ham used to. The secret is in the long curing, much of which takes place in big brick drying rooms where wooden hanging rails, the current of sweet mountain air and temperatures of up to 18 ̊ are a world apart from modern mass production methods.

Chorizo Fresco


These traditionally made sausages are seasoned with natural spices, garlic and paprika, stuffed in natural pork casings and air dried.

Black Pudding


A mixture of blood, oatmeal, beef suet, onion, salt and pepper, this classic black pudding has been made by the Grant family on Speyside since the late 19th century. With us from the start thanks to a recommendation from friends in Scotland, it has minor cult status among some F&W regulars.Two thick slices, grilled and served with our own egg mayonnaise in a bun. Just the ticket. Not to be confused with the delicious Spanish version, ‘morcilla’.



This mini version of the Catalan style blood pudding is rich and melting with the sweetness of onions, a slight pepperiness and a hint of anis. Delicious with eggs or just spread on toast.

Meat board


A selection of fine cured meats from Spain, Italy and France, served on our hand-made steamed beech boards.