The sandwich

Creating the sandwiches at F&W is an enjoyable task, not least because of the tastings involved. Our original idea was simply to use our core products, the cured meats and cheeses along with the sourdough bread. While there are perennial favourites (the Grilled Chorizo, the Ham Cheese & Piccalilli, the Black Pudding with Egg mayo) we are always seeking interesting new combinations without getting too fancy.

Grilled Chorizo


Traditionally made chorizo fresco, sliced and grilled and placed on a bed of char-grilled marinated red peppers and rocket in a sourdough bun.

Black pudding


We dropped this from the menu once, causing a minor storm of protest from regulars for whom it has become an F&W classic. The marriage of Stuart Grant’s Scottish black pudding grilled with our own egg mayonnaise in a sourdough bun is indeed hard to better for breakfast with a pot of Barry’s Irish tea. We will not be so foolish again.

Filled Croissant


Perfect French fast food. A fresh butter croissant sliced down the middle and filled with slices of cheese and tomato and possibly ham too. Grilled to melt the cheese and crisp the ends.

Toasted Cheese


Two slices of Poilâne sourdough bread generously filled with grated aged cheddar cheese mixed with finely chopped red onion and leek and grilled until crispy and oozing.