The Hams

Jamón Ibérico de Bellota – half 11.00 / full 21.00
Hand-carved slices of 36-month cured ham from Lampino pigs reared by Juan Pedro Domecq, Huelva, Spain.

Jambon du Noire de Bigorre – half 8.00 / full 15.00
Two year old rare breed ham from the countryside around Lourdes, in the foothills of the French Pyrenees.

Prosciutto di Parmahalf 6.00 / full 11.00
The finest sweet, tender ‘riserva’ ham from Piero Montali & Sons in Emilia. Cured 28-34 months.


Cured Meat & Cheese

Lomito Ibérico de Bellota8.50
The highly prized blade end of loin from Juan Pedro’s Lampino pigs.

Cecina de Leon7
Thin slices of beef, air cured for 12–14 months then smoked over Holm oak.

Traditional chorizo, 100% Basque pig reared by Pierre Oteiza, with smoke paprika and chilli.

Tuscan salami seasoned with wild fennel seeds and pollen by Carlo Pieri, close to Montalcino.

Sopressa all’Amarone6.50
Traditional slicing salami of the veneto in Italy, made by Eugenio Caprini and seasoned with his own Amarone wine.

Jésus du Pays Basque7
From Basque pigs reared by Pierre Oteiza, a larger salami seasoned with whole peppercorns and rum and then cured for up to four months.

Coppa Trentina7
Traditional smoked salume from Trentino.

Manchego Gran Reserva7
Made from raw sheep’s milk and aged for a minimum of 9 months this is one of the best in La Mancha.

Appleby’s Cheshire7
A classic British cheese from north Shropshire, made with raw cow’s milk, a fine balance of rich flavours and crumbly texture. Try with our India Pale Ale from the Kernel Brewery.

Innes Brick7
An artisanal unpasteurized goet’s milk cheese from a family run farm in Satffordshire. Mild milky, nutty flavours and a creamy dense texture. Good with a dry white wine, such as our Picpoul de Pinet.

1924 Bleu7
A mixed cow and sheep’s milk cheese in the tradition of Roquefort but outside the geographical designation established in 1925. Carefully aged, dense and buttery, this pairs well with a glass of our Moscatel Dorado sherry.


Our free range eggs are from rare breed Burford Brown hens from farms sourced by Clarence Court.

Fried Eggs with Za’atar 5.50
Two fried eggs served with olive oil, a sprinkle of Za’atar and sourdough toast.

North African inspired cooked tomato and roasted pepper base, served with a poached egg and sourdough bread.

Khlia Fried Eggs8.75
Two fried eggs served with Cecina de Leon and sourdough bread.

Two Fried Eggs with Yoghurt and Harissa6.50

Two Fried Eggs with Chorizo Fresco or Scottish Black Pudding from Stuart Grant of Speyside8.50

Add an egg to any dish1.75



Sourdough with a variety of toppings.

Toast and Jam3.95
With butter and seasonal jams from England Preserves.

Banana Sourdough4.50
With butter and seasonal jams from England Preserves.

Tomatoes – 7.25
Seasonal grilled tomatoes with olive oil and sea salt.

Egg and Anchovy8
Egg mayonnaise with Ortiz anchovies.

Ortiz sardines with butter.

Beans and Tomato8.95
Butter beans in tomato sauce with grilled seasonal tomato.

Beans and Pancetta9.90
Butter beans in tomato sauce with grilled organic pancetta.

Toasted Cheese6.45
Two slices of sourdough filled with aged cheddar, finely chopped red onion and leek.

Jamon Iberico – 8.50
Hand-carved slices of our Jamón Ibérico with seasonal tomato and a drizzle of olive oil.

Black Pudding7.25
Scottish black pudding from Stuart Grant of Speyside and egg mayonnaise in a wood-fired ‘Panuozzi’.

Sausage and Egg7.75
Two Gloucester Old Spot pork sausages with a fried egg in a wood-fired ‘Panuozzi’.



All served with sourdough toast.

Cheese – 6.50
Grated mature cheddar with leek and onion.

Roasted Pepper and Cheese7.25
Roasted red peppers with Manchego Gran Reserva.

Tuna and Tomato 8.25
Ortiz tuna with seasonal tomatoes.

Traditional grilled chorizo fresco.

Cheese and Jambon Noir de Bigorre – 9.50
Two-year-old rare-breed ham from the French Pyrenees with grated mature cheddar, leek and onion.


‘Broken Eggs’ – 12.50
Eggs grilled with potatoes and hand-carved slices of Jambon Noir de Bigorre.

Patatas Bravas6.95
Grilled potatoes with romesco and aioli.

Imam Bayildi6.95
Roasted aubergine and tomato served warm with feta and wild oregano.

Greek Salad8.75
Seasonal tomatoes, barrel-aged feta, sliced red onion, black olives and wild oregano with olive oil and lemon juice.

Served with sourdough bread and olive oil. (Lunchtime only – 12.00 to 3pm).

Raclette – 8.50
Traditional Swiss cheese melted over grilled potatoes and served with cornichons.

with Cecina De Leon, thin slices of air-cured smoked beef – 12

Chickpeas with Morcilla8.50
Chickpeas cooked in tomato and cumin with slices of grilled Morcilla de Burgos.

Chorizo Fresco6.50
Traditional sausages seasoned with natural spices, garlic and paprika and air dried.

Roman-Style Artichokes6.75
Served warm from the grill with olive oil.

Morcilla with aioli6.25
Grilled black pudding from Burgos made using rice and seasoned with cumin.

With Greek olive oil and Spanish paprika and served with sourdough toast.

Traditional Greek dip made from cod roe served with sourdough toast.

Kalamata Olives4.75
Organic unpasteurised olives grown on a hillside near Sparta.

Amfissa Olives4.75
An ancient variety grown on a biodynamic farm in central Greece, these green olives are unpasteurised and have a delicious fresh, lemony taste.

Pistachios 3.25
From the Greek island of Aegina these roasted and salted pistachios are justly famous for their unique flavour.

Marcona Almonds 4.25

Olive Oil Crisps2.50